2017 Season starts 1 February 2017.

Interested players are invited to register and beginners are very welcome!  Registration details will be found under “membership”.

Practices are every Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings at the GALLERIA ICE RINK.

Limited loan kit IS available but booking is essential.

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Please contact icehockeydurbaknights@gmail.com for further information.




Is ice hockey for you? Watch this video….

DurbaKnights Ice Hockey Club

Is Ice Hockey for me?


ActiveActivities Most Popular 2015 Award

Club members are registered with KwaZulu-Natal Ice Hockey Association (KZNIHA) as well as with  the South African Ice Hockey Association (SAIHA).

DurbaKnights has been the ONLY ice hockey club in KZN that has consistently maintained it’s affiliation to both KZNIHA and SAIHA.




All information and documents posted on this site remains the property of DurbaKnights.

  1. DT says:

    Get Canadians to come and develop the game. They have the expertise to train S. Africans

  2. Kerry Harrison says:

    When is the next Men’s game in Durban – I would like to bring my family to watch!! I used to attend all the games in my youth…

  3. Aidan says:

    Hey DurbaKnights! There hasn’t been an exact date set for the re-opening of the rink? Are they going to break down the convention centre side? Are they going to use the same pipework that was in the floor from the original build?

    • We have been advised that the rink officially opens to the public at the end of June 2014. We do not have any further information about the final plans or the final design. We would suggest that you monitor the Durban Ice rink website for further information.

  4. Annelie says:

    What are the fees for beginners?

    • It’s R160 a month for 4 practices. There is the option of paying R50 per practice should it not be possible to attend all practices. This, however, does not include the annual once off registration fees which as R50 for club, R50 for KZN and R120 for SA. All three registrations are compulsory.

    • At this current time, our fees remain the same as last year. Annual registration (mandatory) are R50 for Club, R50 for KZN and R120 for SA. Thereafter it’s R160 per month which covers Sunday practices from 08h45 to 09h30.

  5. Mbali says:

    Is there a particular age group limit. I’m 17

  6. Anthony says:

    Good day

    I am very intrested in becoming a member of the durbannights hocky club, I would love to play for my durban team.

    Please may I have details on how to join, training days , costs ect….

    I do own my company.

    Anthony Michael Potgieter

  7. Jarred says:

    Hi, I see the ice rink is re-opening soon. I’m interested in starting ice hockey, I’m 29, can skate properly but don’t know how to play. Can I join, train and learn or is it generally too late in life?!

  8. Nerena says:

    I would like some information about your ice hockey club. What age groups do you cater for and what training do you provide?

  9. Shikara says:

    Hi, I would like some information about the ice hockey such as how much and can you do one lesson to see if it your type of sport before buying you kit?

    • Hi Shikara. Costs can’t be determined as it’s dependent on ice time which hasn’t been confirmed yet – hopefully before season starts on 1 February 2016.
      Loan kit is available before you outlay any money whilst trying out the sport.
      At this time, please continue to follow our page and once costs and ice times are confirmed, the information will be posted.
      Thank you for your interest in the sport.

  10. Scott Meyer says:

    greetings. .. our family is relocating to Natal in December 2016 and were wondering if you require hockey jerseys as a donation to give out for practices.
    we have 3 children who will be joining the club to play hockey.
    kind regards
    the Meyer famply

    • Warm greetings in return Scott. That would be wonderful and sincerely appreciated, thank you!
      Look forward to meeting your family ☺ Please email your contact details so that we can keep in touch.

      • Yeboscott@gmail.com says:

        Contact details … yeboscott@gmail.com

        What are your club fees … to join for 3 kids

      • Hi. Our club fees are currently waived until next season which officially starts Sunday 5 February 2017. Thereafter the cost for 2017 will be R75pp.
        Our ice time cost is R250 for 4 Sunday practices a month. Advanced players have the early session from 7.30am and can stay on with development (depending who show) for another hour without any extra cost. We do have Wednesday practices and the cost to do Sunday and Wednesdays for the month is R450pp.
        As you have 3 kids, I have no doubt that the club committee will most probably waiver the club fees provided all 3 register with the club for 2017. In addition, I could propose to the committee that you pay a reduced monthly fee but there would have to be some commitment that all 3 children would be registered.
        The club cannot waiver the mandatory KZN and SA fees but at this time, the KZN fees are also currently waived with the SA fees until at least end March 2017 being in the region of R45pp. The annual fees for KZN are R75 and SA are R250. The club has no control determining those costs unfortunately.
        I hope this answers your queries.

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